A Super-Sweet Business, Investment Or Change Of Lifestyle Opportunity

booborowie, sa

5,818 Carob Trees
76 Acres
  • Price $8,600,000

Proudly established 22 years ago by a dedicated husband-and-wife team and built into the very profitable business, The Australian Carob Co, this exciting opportunity comprising of 76 acres planted with approximately 5,818 Carob Trees. The mature 15-22-year-old trees produce the world’s leading sweet carob, which is supplied to distributors and manufacturers in both Australia and the USA (the main market).

The significant parcel of real estate is split into approximately $3 million of stock incorporating the current harvest, a 1,200-square metre factory, and a comfortably appointed 3-bedroom cottage – ideal for the new owner to live in or as a manager’s house. The current employee who runs all aspects of the orchard and factory operation is keen on taking on the full-time manager’s role if the opportunity is available.

Carob Trees are renowned for producing above 100 kg per year which translates into an output of over 600 tons per year given adequate water and fertilizer requirements. This year’s current harvest is expected to be around 200 tons. It is worth noting that Carob is currently valued at around $11,000 – $13,000 per ton resulting in up to 83% profit on products sold.

Among the additional features are a 100-square metre storage/car shed, 30,000-gallon rain water tank, unrestricted bore water with 10,000-gallon storage tanks, tractor, forklift, side-by-side tree shakers harvesting over 1,000 trees per day, bin tipper and tip trailer, full irrigation for the orchard with no water license costs, and largely automated processing equipment, which for the most part requires only 1 operator.

Sweetening the deal even further is the long lead time to tree productivity of 7-10 years creating barriers for any competition entry, plus there are no commercial quantity of trees available to purchase, which offers a secure long-term market. Moreover, it can take between 10 and 14 years before a commercial crop quantity of carob pods is obtained, meaning that the orchard offers great business security into the future.

With the focus on high profit returns and low labour costs, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provides interested prospects an established low-maintenance business with the focus on high profit returns and low labour costs.

Company name: Australian Carobs Pty Ltd
Brand Name: The Australian Carob Co

After 22 years of building this orchard and company up from scratch my wife and I want to retire.
We have built this up to be a successful secure business now and into the future