A brilliant way to “Self Manage” investment property – online.

Soon all properties will be managed this way.
No agent required – Virtual property manager does the job!
Perfect accounting records ready for tax time.
Easy to use software will save you time and money.
Store all records in cloud for easy access from any device.
And yes, we find tenants as well!

Find the Best Tenant

We will help find you the right tenant to occupy and look after  the property. We can facilitate getting the property listed on all of Australia’s leading property websites to ensure the property gets a great tenant so that you start receiving rent!

$99 gets your property listed on all the major property web portals.

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Find a Tenant


Virtual Property Manager

The Virtual Property Manager “VPM” software will give you peace of mind and confidence in managing your own property.
You set up and define what the VPM will do. It’s your own Virtual Manager.
The VPM can do anything an agent can do only better!
Tenants can login to their own dashboard and deal with and report maintenance issues through the VPM.
Your VPM will notify tenant’s of rental due, update status of maintenance issues and issue receipts when rental payments are confirmed.

Rental and Expenses Tracking

Enjoy simple record keeping thats accurate and secure. Keep yourself up to date with whats been paid and what hasn’t. Confirm payments and issue receipts by simply clicking a button. It will prepare accurate yearly accounts for tax time.

We track rental income, mortgage payment and other expenses. The Property Investor Software makes it easy for you to do. No books or files, just click and confirm!

It takes 10 min to setup and then with only a few clicks here and there, the entire process is done for you, almost nothing to do at year end other than run the report. Its simple and brilliant!



Cloud-based Storage

Access and locate your property’s information with ease from any location at any time.

Know that your account is secure and your information is kept filed appropriately for your convenience.

You can also permit access to your trusted third parties, including tenants and accountants.You can decide what they can and cant see.For example the user manual for aircon would be viewable by the tenant.

Upload all invoices, contracts or any info relating to property that you want to store for easy retrieval. No more lever arch files taking up space on your shelf.

Manage like a Pro

Managing your own property will require you to have all the modules that we provide. We have it all covered.Plus we are available to help subscribers with any issues that may arise.

Resources and Documents
All of the documentations and helpful resources can be found right here in your dashboard once logged in.

From lease agreements to helpful ‘how to guides’. We’ve got you covered.



Performance review and EOFY tax reporting

Understand yields, gearing and more. This system will help you understand the investment property. It will show you what the next 12 months will look like so that you are able to plan and understand the cash flows.

Simplify tax time with everything ready and accurately prepared.


Added value with Depreciation and Mortgage “checkers”.

Get a depreciation schedule prepared at brilliant prices and we can establish if your mortgage rate is competitive!

This Software is developed and proudly maintained in Australia.


No Agents required. Save thousands.


Save you so much time and effort


Unlimited phone, email and LiveChat support.


100% cloud-based with no installs required.


No lock-in contracts, cancel any time.


Works on Mac, PC, tablet or mobile.

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